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What an amazing experience!

Not only is my trainer incredible at what she does, but her and her family are so so caring. I was a little worried at first about not getting to see my little pup, Mavis, for an entire week, but it was very comforting knowing that she was safe in good hands.

Mavis is only a year old, part American staffordshire terrier & part bull dog. Unfortunately Bully breeds have a negative stigma and I didn’t want my sweet little girl to fall in that category. Mavis can be a little stubborn at times and so treat motivated to the point where it was like talking to a wall if I didn’t have treats.

Thankfully my trainer immediately saw how sweet and loving Miss Mavis was and did a tremendous job in training her with total obedience. I’m so so so happy with the progress made with Mavis and can’t wait to show her off to the world


Erika A.  // Verified Facebook Review

outstanding job

We had our 7 month old heeler train with my trainer for two weeks. Before she left she had zero manners and was extremely timid of other dogs and people. The trainer not only trained our dog to do all the commands but she has so much more confidence now.

We can hardly believe she is the same dog. She is so smart and wants to please. Our trainer did an outstanding job communicating with us everyday, but more importantly he did an exceptional job training our girl.

Thank you so much for teaching her and giving her the confidence she should have.


Nik K.  // Verified Facebook Review

5- Star rating

We sent our almost one year old golden retriever for the two week board and train. He came back to us with new skills but most important new self confidence.
Our triner is an amazing trainer and so good at connecting with dogs. He has great insight into dog psychology and is very good with people too.

He kept us in the loop during training and we had some great discussions about methods and why they work. He started the process of building self confidence in Ziggy and then gave me the tools to continue it so that he can live life to its fullest. There wasn’t a question I had that our trainer didn’t take the time to answer. Thank you so much for the great job.


Renae S.   // Verified Facebook Review

truly worth every penny

First off, the trainer did such an amazing job with our puppy Louie. The results she was able to achieve in 2 weeks were outstanding. We loved the daily videos of our dogs progress each night and enjoyed seeing how well behaved he was becoming. We are now able to take our 6 month old puppy anywhere and in any situation with confidence.

It is so enjoyable to not have to stress over what our puppy might do when we are out. Being first time dog owners we had tons of questions about training and our trainer answered them all and taught us so much. At the end of the training she spent as much time as we needed to feel comfortable handling our newly trained puppy. We recommend this training to anyone as the results are truly worth every penny.he


Elaine W.  // Verified Facebook Review

I can not thank you enough!

Our trainer did an AMAZING job with my boy Duke. She sent amazing pictures of him everyday and gave me a summary of how he did. The work that she did with Duke with just 10 days was incredible. 


Brandon S.  // Verified Facebook Review

Best money ever spent

My 5 mo old lab was hell on wheels and right when I thought I couldn’t take her anymore I found Off Leash K9. Best money ever spent. 2 week board/train was awesome. Love my dog now.

Ryan W.   // Verified Facebook Review

Great Investment

Thank you again for the great work you have done with Digger. I took him for a jog this morning and he did very well. He has seemed to picked up on our commands very quickly which is great. He is still very young and a puppy, so loves to have fun, but so much more enjoyable.

Giving him his commands is now like a game and the use of the aid is very little, although still very handy when he’s excited. Yourself and the OLK9 family has been such a great investment for us having a much more fun and enjoyable dog, not that he wasn’t before!!!

Digger is now our 7th Blue Healer (Australian Cattle Dog) and they can be head strong, but with your help and training I believe Digger will be easiest to handle, so thanks again.


Paul R.   // Verified Facebook Review

the best place to invest in your best friend’s training

I highly recommend Northern Cali & Nevada Dog Trainers! I enrolled my six month old Mini American Shepherd in the two week board and train program and his trainer was fantastic. My puppy had some confidence issues and was extremely skittish. He would not walk on leash, obey commands, or come when called.

Our trainer worked extensively with Tavi on his confidence and desensitization to people, pets, and places. She sent me pictures and updates on his progress daily and answered all of my questions. His transformation was significant and he continues to improve daily since coming home. She was patient and thorough as she shared the commands and signals to use with Tavi and I felt comfortably equipped to carry on his training when I picked him up.

The two week board and train is an investment in the quality of life for both your family and your dog. I highly recommend Northern Cali & Nevada Dog Trainers as the best place to invest in your best friend’s training.


Shaun W.   // Verified Facebook Review

pretty amazing training

I highly recommend Northern Cali & Nevada Dog Trainers! Especially my trainer, here in Reno Nevada! I enrolled my 8-month-old Golden Retriever Duchess into the 8 week basic and advanced training! He is the man, always very friendly and treated my dog with great care every week as well as did some pretty amazing training.

I can’t even believe the transformation in my little girl! She’s amazing, also had the opportunity to take her Christmas Caroling last Saturday to 3 nursing homes and retirement homes and she did excellently!!
Thanks to my trainer for all your hard work!!!


Nathan R.  // Verified Facebook Review

amazing !

AMAZING! Loki was out of control off leash before OLK9 and the other day we were out on a trail and he was obeying 100% with all commands and then I realized I didn’t even have his collar turned on!! Thank you to our trainer for changing my dog’s life and giving him the tools to be free, safe and impressive!


Rachael E.   // Verified Facebook Review

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